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safety precautions

Encaustic paints are safe at a sustained temperature below 220* F (104*C). However, beeswax that is heated above 220* F (104*C) can begin to deteriorate and create fumes that are toxic. Our paints are free from harmful solvents and chemicals which means there are no toxins. To help maintain proper temperatures the use of a surface thermometer is strongly advised. Be sure to use proper ventilation in your work area, such as an exhaust fan and open windows.

Melted wax must never be left unattended. Always keep a fire extinguisher close by in the event of a fire. Use only heavy duty electrical extension cords and stay away from old griddles or heat guns with damaged chords or faulty wiring. Keep your work area clean and free from fire hazards like paper and clothes.

As an extra safety precaution, it is advised that you keep a bucket of ice water near your workspace for first aid treatment of burns. We recommend using clothes pins or clamps when handling hot cans that have been sitting on a griddle for an extended amount of time.

It is strongly advised that you wear a mask, gloves and/or use a chemical glove box when mixing medium with powdered pigments. When airborne the powdered pigment can become toxic and harmful to your skin, liver and lungs. It may cause early signs of dementia with prolonged exposure when used without proper safety precautions and ventilation.

Warning: Keep paints out of reach from children. Not for ingestion. If your skin becomes irritated or a rash appears, cease use and consult a physician. Please use at own risk.

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