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Review for The Bee's Knees Encausstics by Artist Shannon Newby

Review of The Bee's Knees Encaustics
by Shannon Newby

"These colors were fantastic to use. I felt like a kid in a candy store when I saw the neat packaging and various wax colors arrive in the mail. I couldn't wait to try them out! The size and shape were really conducive to quick melting and the colors were rich and vibrant. (I *LOVE* the hive shape -- brilliant!) I was particularly taken with the color blue -- it was just gorgeous and applied seamlessly with my paint brush. I would highly recommend these encaustic paints to anyone. Great quality, great price - and super nice people to work with. Way to go, BeesKnees, I will certainly be back for more!!"

Shannon Newby


Review of The Bee's Knees Encaustics by Artist Eileen P. Goldenberg

Review of the Bees Knees Encaustics
by Eileen P. Goldenberg

"I received a box of paint from Amber Clair and began my tests by melting a small amount of paint directly on a hot palette and putting down tests on watercolor paper, this shows the colors very well. The colors are very clear and strong. I tried the yellow, red violet, lavender blue, red, studio pink, green turquoise, yellow green, silver, yellow orange and red 140. They are all gorgeous colors, dense and smooth. The pigment is very well blended with the medium and flows very nicely. And they fuse smoothly and polish up with a little buffing. I mixed some of the colors with lots of medium and they make wonderful glazes. The choices of colors is very good, basic red, blue, yellow and mixes such as red violet, yellow greens etc. I loved her red and the studio pink, which is a light magenta. The silver is a very beautiful color, not as gray as I have seen in other metallic encaustic paint.

The price is very reasonable compared to other brands. The cakes, beehive shaped, (nice touch) are 3 oz and easy to melt. I would definitely recommend you add some of her paints to your palette. She sells them on www.etsy.com and has sets or individual cakes."

Eileen P. Goldenberg

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